Listening quiz

–> Music Elements (definitions) <–

–> Raga handout <–

–> Klezmer playlist <–

–> What is the rhythmic texture? What is the term for a rhythm or melodic motive that repeats persistently? How are the rhythms structured? What is a timeline?

–> What genre is this? What instruments provide the musical backing? How does this popular music genre resemble traditional music from the same region? Bonus question: what musical instrument from the region is the most obvious inspiration?

–> What musical parameter is manipulated to produce this distinctive sound? In technical terms, how is it manipulated?

–> What are the two names that this world famous musical ensemble is known by–one name at home and one name abroad?  What makes the sound of this music so distinctive to ‘Western ears’? (describe in terms of musical parameters) What is the musical texture? Briefly, what is this route this music traveled to get to the ‘Western ears’ above? Bonus: what specific Western musical artists have mimicked and incorporated this sound?

–> What musical property immediately makes this style identifiable to Western audiences? (use the indigenous term if possible) How is the construction of a sitar different than a guitar? What is the name given to the various ornamentations heard here? Using bullet points, outline some of the key differences between the concept of ‘scale’ and of ‘raga.’ What is the musical textures here? What are the three sections heard in a standard Hindustani raga performance, and what changes in musical parameters happen between these three sections?

–> What family of instruments (besides the flute and drum) is heard here? What is colotomic texture? What is a balungan? What is the difference between a pelog and a slendro scale?

–> What makes this piece of music identifiable as a hora? (think rhythm and meter) What is the musical texture in the opening section–the first 12 seconds or so? What is the solo instrument that enters after this brief intro, and how does the musical texture change?  How are klezmer scales often distinguishable from Western major-minor tonality?

How is this genre distinguishable from the genre directly above (hora vs. freilach)? How do the articulations immediately mark this style off as klezmer? What are one or two of these articulations called within the genre? What other ‘instrument’ are they meant to imitate?