Diaspora music: Jewish klezmer, Gypsy pop & punk

** Brief quiz guide (on this week’s material only) coming soon. **

Here’s the app to download for next week. [Android / iPhone] It’s called Virtual Javanese Gamelan. Bring your smartphones, or better yet tablets if you have them, to class. (if don’t own a smartphone, no worries, and kudos to you!) Also if you’ve got an easily portable speaker to amplify the phone/tablet please bring that too.


REQUIRED VIEWING (last video optional):


REQUIRED READING (except the last link):
Seth Rogovoy “But Is It Klezmer?”
“Scene of the Year” (Spin magazine, 2007)
Gypsy Kings profile (Songlines magazine, 2013)
“Taraf de Haïdouks: Back to the Roots” (2015)

Short review (and video) of a new song by Taraf, plus some other reviews/videos. I recommend checking out the last one–Indian sarangi player Sabir Khan (NPR, 2015)