Central & East Africa

Post-Colonialism & Politics — Videos & Short Readings — be sure to note which videos/weblinks are marked required vs. not required

Uganda — Traditional & Popular Musicbrowse these short articles and check out some of the music

Congolese and Other Regional Popular Music — Read the two articles below and explore the videos in the following two playlists. I created the first playlist to accompany the “Afropop” reading. It’s mostly soukous music and follows the order of artists as they are mentioned in the reading (except the first couple videos of traditional music–note how the guitars in soukous are made to mimic the timbre and texture of adungu harps local to the region). The second playlist was not created by me. It features a generous helping of ndombolo music & dance to go along with the Pape reading.

“Central and East Africa” in Afropop: An Illustrated Guide to Contemporary African Music”  (1995)

Eric Pape “We Sing Everything: We Have Nothing Else” (2008)

*** Congolese musical innovators of the past decade:

Konono No. 1:  Pitchfork reviews of Congotronics (2004) and Konono No. 1` Meets Batida (2016)

Mbongwana Star: The Guardian profiles the band and their album From Kinshasa (2015)

Capsule reviews in Noisey of recent African music releases (not only Central and East)


*** BARAKA: Bonus Materials — praise and criticism for the film; more information on the music heard in the film (not required–check out if you have the time and inclination)

*** Know Your Haitian Lwa — A comprehensive list

*** Robert Johnson at the Crossroads