9/19 class materials

9/19 — What Is This Thing Called “World Music”; World Music: Pros & Cons; Musicking Is A Process; When We Talk About Music We Talk About….

David Byrne “I Hate World Music” (1999)

Ian Anderson “World Wars” (2000)

Bob H. White “Non-Essentialist Listening” (2012)

Christopher Small “Musicking” (1987)

Philip Tagg “Music’s Meanings” (2013)

Jace Clayton “World Music 2.0” (2016)

Bonus reading (not required but recommended)
Thaddeus Russell “Drunkards, Laggards, Prostitutes [and] Pirates” and “A Rhythmless Nation” (2010)

NME “world music” promotional cassette mentioned by Anderson (1987)
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Baraka Soundtrack and reference material
(click here for a shot by shot guide to the locations in the film)