Semester Schedule

9/12 — class introduction; concept of baraka; THE WORLD.

9/19 — in-class response paperworld music: pros and cons; what is ‘musicking’; extra-musical factors; world music 2.0

9/26 — reading quiz dangerous crossroads; creolization and Kreyol; music and vodou; rara; konpa dirèk (compas); musik rasin; HAITI.

10/3 — music and colonialism; African crossroads; ostinato; timeline patterns; rumba; soukous; ndombolo; CONGO. UGANDA. KENYA.

10/10 — response paper due and class presentationsactive listening; soundscapes; geophony, biophony, and anthropophony

10/17 — timbre; overtone singing; shakuhachi; gagaku; TUVA. MONGOLIA. JAPAN.

10/24 — annotated timbre playlist due; musical texture; raga and tala; gamaka; mystical music; Sufism; Bollywood; INDIA. PAKISTAN.

10/31 — short quiz; music and migration; klezmer; melody and ornamentation; lăutari; gypsy punk; EAST EUROPE. JEWISH DIASPORA. ROMANI DIASPORA.

11/7–second playlist due; music and ecstasy; concept of tarab; maqam; desert blues; women’s voices; trance music; raï; gnawa; dabke; ARABIC PENINSULA. NORTH AFRICA.

11/14–elements and listening quizmusic and melancholia; ranchera; corrido and narcocorrido; banda; meringue; bachata; MEXICO; DOMINICAN REPUBLIC; CHILE.

11/21–no class meeting today; music and political protest; Latin American music; NIGERIA. MALI. CHINA. CHILE. MEXICO. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. JAMAICA.

11/28Bil Afrah Project class visit; Sufi Islam; Bollywood; LEBANON. INDIAN DIASPORA.

12/5 —P’ansori; K-pop; KOREA.

12/12–take-home quiz; dub reggae; world electronica; East Asian electro; disco raga; Afro-tech; JAMAICA. INTEGRATED CIRCUITS. CYBERSPACE.

12/19–no class meeting; final annotated playlist project due


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