11/28: Bil Afrah Project; Sufi Islam

Official Web page of Bil Afrah Project:  http://www.bilafrah.com

Brief overview of Lebanese music:  http://www.traditionalarabicmusic.com/music_of_lebanon.html

More on Lebanon:  Lead-up to Lebanon/Lebanese Civil WarThe fuse is litFairuz dragged into political fray by son Ziad Rahbani; Beirut’s world-famous club scene

The Rahbani Brothers: Two former policemen who used radio jingle writing as a launchpad to becoming musical icons

“Al Bosta” collaboration between Fairuz and Ziad Rahbani and “world jazz-funk-soul” playlist generated from “Al Bosta”:

Lebanese popular music playlist (with other regional MENA pop):

Playlists from previous classes:

Two takes on Sufism:  BBCNimatullahi Sufi order

Sufi rituals, music, and dance (including zikr, whirling dervishes, qawwali, and short doc on “How Real World Records made a world music star out of Nursat Fateh Ali Khan”):